Aqun Founders

“ Aqun is the result of a long process that started 4 years ago when founder Julian Saija was looking for an innovative gift for his father. Convinced to find something linking gold and innovative materials, he went to all the big names but not succeed in his search. Since that moment the idea grew in his mind and he said: “I’m probably not the only one looking for such new kind of jewelry, that links tradition with innovation”. That brought him to get in touch with world-known yacht designer and engineer, Mr. Germán Mani Frers. He thought the yachting industry was the most innovating and coherent environment to create a jewel from. From this point they started working together and in a totally natural way the result came directly form the yachting experience, as Frers uses to say: “We took a boat, and transformed it into a jewel”. Starting from the materials that are used, the production process and the design, we can now be witness of a real technological evolution in the jewelry market; We enhanced the traditional savoifaire of the “Maîtres Joailliers” teaching them how to use such a beautiful and intense material such as carbon fiber. Again the synergies between different industries bring valuable evolutions”.

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