Aqun: the result of the combined vision of Julian Saija and Germán Mani Frers

JS: “At the age of 17, Julian Saija, decided to create a brand that was able to gather different values in it: Luxury, innovation, elegance, technology, quality, freedom and utility. That’s why he chose to develop an idea he had while looking for a gift for his father, that could answer to a rising specific demand. Therefore he started to build his company JSI, which mission is to create projects that suits and respects the criteria above mentioned.
Julian Saija is a 23 years-old law student in Italy who wants to have a direct application of the studies he does without loosing time. That brings him to have an efficient point of view on both occupations.
The family values are really important for him, he loves to work closely with his family members, having expertises in many different sectors, bringing constantly freshness, new ideas and more valuable projects. The relationships he creates with his team are really strong and long-lasting, he wants to create a “family” and not a company.
For Julian Saija the word “synergy” is the key-word for future businesses and for the evolving societies we live on; creating bridges from different universe can only be good and valuable.

G.M.F: “ Germán Mani Frers is the world leading Superyacht designer and engineer, whose experience and capabilities are recognized unanimously in the whole industry. He is at the origin of the most iconic boats from sailing yachts to motor yachts. His lines are known all around the globe and his style is totally different from what we are used to see. Always on top of the innovation process, each Frer’s creation is a witness of technological avant-garde and an example followed by the whole industry.
He saw in Aqun an opportunity to the extend his knowledge to another industry, the jewelry one.
Convinced by the “Synergy” vision of Julian Saija, he developed a piece of jewelry that gathers the same elements a yacht has: Technology, savoir-faire, practicality and quality.
Germán Mani Frers spend 3 years working with the team to create something unique, able to attract different actors of those different markets and to create the effective link between the two.
Based in Milan, Mr. Frers travels around the globe to develop his projects; he takes the best each country, sector and individual can give, creating bridges, being part of the Aqun’s state of mind.

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