Aqun’s exclusive prelaunch at Monaco Yacht Show 2018

“After more than 3 years of development on the product, Aqun made his debuts during the 2018’s Monaco Yacht Show as part of the Upper Deck Lounge’s sponsors. There, professionals and a wider audience, had the possibility to discover the brand and the universe that the founder, Julian saija, wanted to create: “The synergy between tradition and innovation”, as he says.

Moreover they had the chance to discover the collection designed by World Know designer and engineer Mr. Germán Mani Frers, in which he explains the philosophy behind his work; “We created a timeless loop” he says by linking contemporary design to tradition. Visitors had to chance to admire the special edition created especially for HSH Prince Albert the II of Monaco and his Foundation, representing the Monaco Flag in Rubies and Diamonds on a Carbon fiber base build on a platinum stamp. Aqun has received the licence to use the “MONACO” and “Monte-Carlo” prestigious names on jewelry by Monaco Brands, to create those special pieces.

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